Engineering Services That Go Beyond the Ordinary.

Discover how our innovative engineering solutions can build up your project to new levels of success.

Engineering is the Backbone of Your Construction Project.

Are you tired of settling for engineering solutions that leave you wanting more? Have delays, budget overruns, and regulatory red tape left you feeling like your project is spinning its wheels? TOLM Group understands the frustrations and challenges you face in bringing your construction vision to life.

That’s why we offer a solution – our battle-tested engineering services are designed to tackle your project head-on and deliver results that exceed your expectations. With our team of experienced Civil Engineers and Design Professionals leading the charge, you can finally rest easy knowing that your project is in the hands of true professionals.

Services Designed to Help You Build with Confidence.

TOLM Group offers a comprehensive range of engineering services. Our team of experts work tirelessly to deliver solutions that meet your unique needs, optimize efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Utility Design

Our utility design services encompass the planning and implementation of water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. From feasibility studies to construction documents, we ensure that your utility systems are designed for reliability, efficiency, and long-term sustainability.

Water/Wastewater Systems Studies & Masterplans

Our water and wastewater systems studies and masterplans provide a roadmap for sustainable infrastructure development. We assess current systems, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop long-term strategies to meet future demands.

Water/Wastewater Project Design

With expertise in water and wastewater project design, we deliver innovative solutions for treatment plants, pipelines, pump stations, and more. Our designs prioritize efficiency, reliability, and environmental stewardship, ensuring that your systems meet the highest standards of performance and compliance.

Landscape & Irrigation Design

Our landscape and irrigation design services enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces while conserving water and resources. From planting plans to irrigation systems, we create sustainable landscapes that thrive in any environment.

What Sets TOLM Group Apart.

We deliver each of our customers a professional, service oriented experience from the early stages of project planning through completion. Everyone from senior leadership to project managers and skilled labor will be personally invested in the success of your project. Let us show you how TOLM’s commitment to excellence sets us apart from our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water, Wastewater and Drainage projects.

Quality and reliability are our top priorities at TOLM Group. We achieve this through a combination of rigorous quality control processes, advanced engineering techniques, and a commitment to excellence at every stage of the project. 

Our team of experienced engineers and design professionals conducts thorough analysis, testing, and review to ensure that our solutions meet all technical requirements and regulatory standards. Additionally, we continuously monitor and evaluate our performance to identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing quality and reliability in all our engineering solutions.

TOLM Group employs licensed professional engineers that are highly competent in their professional fields. Along with general contracting, TOLM Group holds certificates of authorization to perform engineering in the state of Arkansas and in many surrounding states. These professions, and the requirements to obtain licensure, generate professionals with the capabilities to analyze, study, report, and solve problems in a technical way that promotes public health, safety, and general welfare.

Our firm’s unique mix of engineering experience within a construction company provides us with resources unmatched by competitors. We have developed an engineering group with in-depth knowledge, understanding, and administration of construction contracts, the bidding process, the construction process, scheduling, construction permitting, construction supervision and observation, and quality assurance/quality control programs.


Lake Ouachita Water Treatment Plant

Case Farms WasteWater Treatment Plant Construction

Lake Ouachita Water Treatment Plant

Graves-Foster Water Treatment Plant Improvements

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