The TOLM Group Foundation was established with a clear vision: to empower individuals in pursuing careers in construction. Recognizing the vital role that the construction industry plays in shaping our communities and driving economic growth, the foundation aims to support aspiring individuals who demonstrate passion, dedication, and potential in this eld. By providing nancial assistance the foundation seeks to break down barriers and create pathways for talented individuals to thrive in the construction sector. Ultimately, the foundation’s efforts are geared towards fostering a skilled workforce, promoting innovation, and building a brighter future for both individuals and the industry as a whole.


At TOLM Group Foundation, Inc., our mission is to support the education of the next generation of construction individuals.


By providing scholarships and educational opportunities to individuals with exceptional work ethics, passion for construction, and resilience, our foundation fosters opportunities for both traditional and non traditional students to Build Dreams.


Applicant must be a resident of Arkansas and enrolled (or enrolling) in a course of study leading to a certification in a construction related field such as: trade school, construction management, or engineering related programs. The applicant must be enrolled (or enrolling) as a full-time student. Part-time students are not eligible for awards.

The Catalyst that became the TOLM Foundation

Ralph Calhoun was more than a colleague; he was a beacon of wisdom, kindness, and unwavering faith. Ralph’s tenure at the company was defined by his visionary approach and commitment to operational and personal excellence. Recognizing the potential for improvement, he saw a bigger picture for the company, envisioning a more streamlined process for projects. His contributions were instrumental in developing the Scheduling and Estimating departments, laying the groundwork for ecient project management. Furthermore, Ralph played a pivotal role in structuring smaller contracts, simplifying processes to ensure smooth execution. His dedication extended to enhancing Submittal Review practices, establishing best practices that elevated the company’s standards. Yet, perhaps Ralph’s most significant impact was his influence on his colleagues. Every TOLM employee he encountered emerged better as a professional and person, a testament to his mentorship and leadership.


  • Construction Luminary: Ralph’s professional journey was marked by excellence. As a construction manager, superintendent, and consultant he lent his expertise to numerous high-rise building projects. His fingerprints can be found in the very structures that touch the sky.
  • Mentor Extraordinaire: Ralph’s wisdom transcended blueprints and steel. He mentored project managers, including TOLM Vice President Greg Smith and President Brian Rohlman. His advice echoes through our halls: “Be Firm but Fair.”
  • Inspiring Generations: TOLM Group has initiated an annual scholarship program through TOLM Group Foundation whose mission is to support the education of the next generation of construction professionals. It will empower individuals by providing scholarships and educational opportunities to those with exceptional work ethics, passion for construction, and resilience to Build Dreams – a fitting tribute to a man who built not only structures but also futures.

His legacy lives on through the indelible impact he made on all who knew him.