Our employees are our company’s greatest asset. Our goal each day is to make certain every employee returns home to their family safely. We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment. To ensure that our employees work in safe conditions we have mandatory safety protocols and job-specific safety training in place company-wide.

Each employee is trained to recognize unsafe conditions and to understand the regulations that must be followed at each project site, and all places in between. This training is an integral part of TOLM’s ability to continually provide a safe working environment.

Our Safety Training and Education

Below are some examples of the ways that TOLM trains and educates its employees:

  • Mandatory new hire orientation for all employees
  • Weekly safety meetings on job sites and at our shop
  • Daily JHAs on job-sites
  • Yearly in-service training days
TOLM employees talking about safety with new safety gear
Sparks are flying while on the job as an employee uses a saw
ABC associated builders and contractors STEP safety management  system - 2022 STEP Platinum
Being a part of the ABC Step program allows us to view our safety performance not only against the other great GC’s in Arkansas, but against ourselves year to year. This allows us to see what areas we need to improve year to year so we can always be working toward everyone coming home safe each and every day.


Personal Safety Plan (PSP) was implemented at this site as part of a craft engagement strategy. The PSP gives the team members a chance to control the narrative of TOLM’s safety. Specifically, promote their story and why they choose to make safety a personal commitment each and every day. It is also a constant reminder of those reasons by wearing the ‘PSP Gear’ which is comprised of a badge with a picture of the reason they work safely and a Class 2 HI-VIS shirt that states ‘ASK ME ABOUT MY PERSONAL SAFETY PLAN’ on the back. It also acts as an ‘ice-breaker’ amongst crew members.

Safety News