Office with the new TOLM logo on front desk.

About Us

TOLM Group, Inc.

TOLM Group is a full-service construction and engineering firm headquartered in Central Arkansas. Our mission is to deliver each of our customers a professional, service-oriented experience from the early stages of project planning through completion. Our team of highly-qualified project managers, superintendents, and skilled-trade workers bring a wealth of diverse experience to every project. We are passionate about construction, and that passion comes through in our work.

Our Core Values


The client ultimately defines quality for TOLM. Our team will work tirelessly to make sure the finished product meets your expectations and meets the highest industry standards of quality.


We are committed to performing all work with safety at the forefront. Everyone from management down to job site personnel participate in the safety effort.


Responsive is a word we use daily. When you choose to work with TOLM you will receive the highest level of customer service and communication from our team.


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